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Giveaway: Pitchin’ a Fit

Parenting is the worst. Seriously, it’s a twenty-year (or more) sentence to a prison of imperfection, the impossibility of changing small people into what we want. Then we quickly learn from experience that doesn’t work.

So we get mad. Actually, the socially-acceptable term is frustrated or annoyed, but we all know what we really mean: steam comes out our ears and loud noises out our mouths every day. And we think that’s the way it has to be.

My friends Brook and Israel Wayne totally get that. They have ten children (and frequently take them on the road), so they know insanity like few people. They sent me this book on how to not be so angry, and I wanted to laugh. Because I thought God made them with no anger emotions at all (or else they used a really good essential oil or something). But no, apparently they have genuine struggles, too. Or else they have watched me turn into a monster every day at 4pm.

I had come to love so much having all my “ducks in a row,” everything organized and “just so,” that I was willing to get all bent out of shape when “perfect” didn’t happen. I had to ask myself, “Did Jesus suffer, die on the cross, and rise again, so I could have a flawless, organized, picture-perfect life with no bumps?

By taking on stress in a million small ways, I had allowed stress to narrow my vision to a very small world — one where I got to be in command. Jesus came to bring salvation to a vast world of sinners caught in the chains of addiction to self. And here I was, all in an emotional despair, because one of my children didn’t wear his good shoes and didn’t comb his hair?

This book is real. Israel talks about the effect of negative examples in his own life and how he overcame a difficult childhood upbringing to forge a new path for his own family. Brook shares the pressures mothers face rearing and homeschooling a large family while serving in ministry and traveling frequently. If any couple understands how hard it is to control our temper with children underfoot, these two do. Yet they don’t condemn; they offer support.

Pitchin’ a Fit offers a fresh perspective on the anger problem, a new definition of patience, and a clear call for change. The authors give clear steps for changing our habits within our hearts and within our home. This book is a welcome help for new and mature parents and anyone wrangling children.

You can check it out for yourself here.

FREEBIE– Sample the book

Enjoy a free sample of this book, complements of author Israel Wayne and New Leaf Press. Download it now.


New Leaf Press is giving away a copy of Pitchin’ a Fit to a reader! Enter below. Each additional share gives you another chance to win!

The randomly-chosen winner will be announced here Tuesday, November 8 and contacted via email. Good luck, and happy sharing!

We have a winner!

Congratulations, Debbie R!

Share each day for additional entries! 🙂


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    It only lets you get credit for liking one of the fb pages, just so ya know. I liked both. 🙂


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