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Recovering from Abuse . . . at Home and at Church

My friend Mary DeMuth has taught me 95% of what I know about writing and publishing and surviving writing and publishing. God graciously brought us together on one bad day and turned it into a beautiful friendship. And there were chips and salsa involved.

Mary invited me to join her on the ReStory podcast. And though we couldn’t record it at our favorite chips-and-salsa hangout, we do give you a glimpse of what kind of conversations we share together.

But this was a hard, hard conversation. Because I’m letting you eavesdrop today on painful parts of my past:

  • how I came to realize I was raised abused
  • how I came to redefine my relationship with God after legalism
  • how my husband provided a critical ministry of healing in my life
  • how I grew to love and forgive those who hurt me most

I hope you’ll listen. And then I hope you’ll share some of your story with me. Send me an email or leave me a comment below if I can pray with you as you navigate your own journey of healing.

And if you’d like to read more about how God can use all of our lives — the mundane parts andthe painful parts — check out my book Rocking Ordinary: Holding It Together with Extraordinary Grace. Or even work through it with a group of friends as a small group study.

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