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Can I give you two free books?

You know I wrote Homeschool Made Easy and Homeschool High School Made Easy just for you, right?

Because I really, really, really wanted you to know you CAN homeschool, and that it doesn’t have to be difficult.

People quit homeschooling when it gets hard, and it doesn’t have to be hard.

I know that for sure, because every day I homeschool a large family for only 2-3 hours a day, and they’re smart and competent. I’ve got the test scores and college scholarships to back it up. And I’m here to tell you things get easier every day.

I want homeschooling to be easy for you, too.

So I wrote you two books. The first one, Homeschool Made Easy, gives an overview of every stage of homeschooling from preschool through graduation. It tells you what’s going on with your student, what he needs to learn, how to know if he’s ready to progress, and how to simplify your classes. It works no matter your teaching style or his learning style. Hey, I tell you how to identify both and use them as your secret weapon!

In my new Homeschool High School Made Easy, I go in-depth for those four years. In one simple volume, I share how to understand your teen, how to survive complex classes, how to prepare your teen for adulthood, and how to make him listen to you.


It’s the magic sauce my husband and I use every day in our parenting and homeschooling, and I’m giving it away.

For a limited-time holiday offer, I’m giving both ebooks and a packet of other homeschool helps to you for free. You can find out all about it here.

Be sure to let me know if I can help you make homeschooling easy in any way. Because homeschooling CAN be easy when you find your why and your way.

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