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New Series: Homeschool Q&A

First, exciting news for me, then exciting news for you.

1. I’m writing a huge, huge, large, super-mega book!

So if Lea Ann decides to write a book on homeschooling, which aspect of homeschooling does she choose?


I’m so thrilled that Tyndale Publishers has invited me to write the first-ever complete all-in-one, everything-you-need-to-know book about homeschooling. And one of the titles being considered is . . . *cough* . . . Everything You Need to Know About Homeschooling. This includes how to make the decision, how to get started, what to do the first day and the first year, how to choose your homeschool style, how to find your student’s learning style, how to customize your homeschool to fit your family culture, how to teach your child every step of the way, what developmental milestones to expect at each age, how to know if your child needs help, how to homeschool gifted children, what to do about high school and beyond . . .  and much, much more.


I’m very excited at the help I’ve already received on the project — so many experts have already lent their advice on specific aspects of homeschooling, and I’ve received dozens of books in donations and clearance prices. I have an amazing agent who has championed the project when it was least-likely-to-succeed and one of the country’s best publishers working on it.

Every time I get discouraged and think this is too hard, God moves the project forward himself and shows me how he is working it all for his glory. Like delivering fifty reference books for me two days after I prayed for some help. Like getting me an introduction to my amazing agent Jessie Kirkland one week after I told myself no agent wants this project. Like giving me three thousand Facebook friends who love answering my homeschool questions, giving me ideas for research, and introducing me to more experts to help.

I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude.

And now for you . . .

2. I want to answer your homeschool questions now!

Because we all have them, right? (My questions right now revolve around Montessori and unschooling, but I’m still researching, lol!) We all wonder what some homeschool detail is or what we’re supposed to do next or just what everyone else thinks about something.

We’ve got questions. I’m literally compiling all the answers!

But who wants to wait two years for a book to come out?

So, let’s answer them now!

Everything You Want to Know About Homeschooling will answer hundreds — maybe thousands — of questions about homeschooling. But what if we could get the answers every Monday?!

Let’s do that!

Send me your homeschool questions.

You can reach me how you like to best:

I may or may not hear you the last way, but all the others are excellent ways to reach me.

You could ask . . .

  • What do I do the first day of homeschooling?
  • Paperwork? Yes? No? Recycling?
  • What does my ninth-grader need to do in math?
  • What if my third-grader won’t do his handwriting?
  • Is there an easy way to teach reading?
  • Have you seen the spelling book?
  • What’s the difference between classical and Charlotte Mason homeschooling?
  • What exactly is a kinesthetic learner?
  • What’s for supper?

And anything else you’ve got on your mind! Literally anything about dads, working, science, teen hormones, housework, transcripts, co-op . . . and even Montessori and unschooling. I’ll soon know lots about those!

I will answer your question here. No question too big or too small!

It’s my new series: Homeschool Q&A. Running right here until we publish Everything You Need to Know About Homeschooling.

Join the fun! Invite your friends! Bring popcorn! Send me a message! Scream into the air!

See you on Mondays,

Lea Ann

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