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Homeschool AMA: What About Trade School?

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Ok, here’s this week’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA, as they say):

What about moms who are more interested in their children going to a trade school, rather than a 4 year college?

— C., Texas

I devote an entire section of my upcoming book on this very issue. Read my chapter on high school for a fuller treatment on this subject. I talk about what you should consider and how you can prepare for either option.

The upshot of my answer, the boiled-down version, is to know your child. During high school, you’ll start to notice your teen’s bent as well as his unique talents. You’ll have a good idea for what he is capable of and what he most enjoys.

Many homeschool students are purposefully choosing the trade-school route. Job opportunities are increasing in many trades, and students may be able to begin apprenticing or working in their trade during the high school years.

There are two schools of thought about preparing a student for a career in trades or an education in trade schools. First, some parents choose their curriculum and courses of study specifically to prepare the teen for trade school. These classes may be less vigorous than a college-prep track while specifically meeting the requirements of the trade school.

Others choose to prepare the teen for both. They continue on a college-preparatory program of studies while giving the teen opportunities to apprentice or work a job within their chosen field.

Something to keep in mind is the finite understanding of a growing teen. Many of us grow up to become different adults with different careers than we imagined. Many of us — myself included — change careers once or twice within adulthood. A teen cannot see far into the future, nor do adults know what will happen a decade ahead.

Parents need to take all of this and more into consideration while preparing their teen for graduation. Many times after seeking the Lord and studying the teen’s talents and interests, we as parents know which path to guide our teen.

Just like everything else in homeschooling, there is no one right answer.

Do what is best for your own child and keep your eyes on your own homeschool.

I talk about this SO MUCH MORE and give you guidelines to think through this decision in my upcoming book Everything You Need to Know About Homeschooling. It’s my prayer that will give you comfort that you are on the right path.

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Your friend,

Lea Ann

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