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Recovering from Abuse . . . at Home and at Church

My friend Mary DeMuth has taught me 95% of what I know about writing and publishing and surviving writing and publishing. God graciously brought us together on one bad day and turned it into a beautiful friendship. And there were chips and salsa involved. Mary invited me to join her on the ReStory podcast. And though we couldn’t record it at our favorite chips-and-salsa hangout, we do give you a glimpse of what kind of conversations we share together. But this was a hard, hard conversation. Because I’m letting you eavesdrop today on painful parts of my past: how I came to realize I was raised abused how I came to redefine my relationship with God after legalism how my husband provided a critical ministry of healing in my life how I grew to love and forgive those who hurt me most I hope you’ll listen. And then I hope you’ll share some of your story with me. Send me an email or leave me a comment below if I can pray with you as you …

7 Surprising Lessons I learned teaching my children to read

7 Surprising Lessons I Learned From Teaching My Children to Read

I have warm, fuzzy memories of teaching each of my four children to read. I can remember holding up flash cards for my oldest when he was three years old, drilling those phonics until we were both exhausted. I remember how he struggled to blend consonants and vowels together, so I taped letters to the cars of his Thomas the Tank Engine set to visualize how you connect the sounds to make one sound, exaggerating my pronunciation as he looked at me like I was crazy. I realize now that I was, indeed, crazy. I remember my four-year-old daughter standing beside my desk, sounding out sentences I had printed for her to read. She was proud of her accomplishments, though she couldn’t tell you what she had read by the time she got to the last word. Again, I was crazy. Then there was the little Sweetie Pooh who just wanted to cuddle. He’s the one who finally got it through to me that reading takes time, for there was no rushing the love bug …

Homeschool mom, are YOU learning? #homeschoolmadeeasy

Homeschool Mom, Are YOU Learning?

Sometimes we set out to write an article about one thing, and we end up saying something more important. Just like sometimes we try to teach our children something, and then we end up learning something ourselves. This came home to me a couple weeks in recent remarks Jonathan Lewis made about my article in the current issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. We must keep learning, fellow mommies. We are the tired mommies, the busy mommies, the educating mommies, the coffee-guzzling mommies. But we must also be the learning mommies. I needed this reminder: Hey, Parents, What Are You Learning? In the upcoming issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine, Lea Ann Garfias shares an article entitled “7 Surprising Lessons I Learned from Teaching My Children to Read.” It’s a good article, but my point here isn’t to give away all the lessons she learned. Instead, I’d like to point out the underlying truth behind her article: the importance of learning for us as parents! You see, Lea Ann was the one trying to be the teacher. She …

is your student developmentally ready for writing? #homeschool #homeschoolmadeeasy

Is Your Student Developmentally Ready for Writing?

We frustrate our students when we demand they make leaps in their skills without the proper growth and training. Even though the next chapter says, “Diagram these sentences,” or “Write this essay,” the student may not have reached that stage of development yet.

These two aspects go hand in hand: growth and training. Development in writing (as in any subject, actually) breaks down when one of those is missing.