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Writing is Fun!

Writing is Fun!

Surprisingly, I enjoy teaching my homeschoolers to write. I say surprisingly because when I was a student, I would do anything to avoid writing. It wasn’t until well into my adult years that I discovered my love for writing. Then it took considerable practice–and a lot of mistakes–to find how simple and effective writing can be. So when Jonathan Lewis, the editor of Home School Enrichment Magazine asked me to write a series on “how to teach writing,” I enjoyed the opportunity to examine the writing process from both sides of the kitchen table. So last summer, Jonathan shared some of his thoughts, too. Writing is Fun! By Jonathan Lewis  When I was growing up as a homeschool student, I don’t think anything tied me in knots faster than a writing assignment. My mind seemed to go into lockdown and all efforts to coax words out of my pen were fruitless. Over time, I’ve obviously overcome my seeming inability to put words on paper (as this blog post demonstrates!). I’ll share one strategy you can …

No one told me homeschooling would be like this

No One Ever Told Me Homeschooling Would Be Like This

No one ever told me homeschooling would be like this. And even if they would have, I wouldn’t have believed them. I was a homeschool student before it was cool. I had the desk in the basement, the fake school name, the duck-and-cover drills when the doorbell rang. I also had the voracious reading during breakfast, lunch, and every car trip; the ceremonious throwing of the completed calculus book down the stairs my junior year; the straight As and stellar college entrance exams; the music awards and scholarships. All the trappings of the Well-Homeschooled Student. When I graduated from our homeschool, I blessed my parents and long-suffering friends with an hour-long music recital followed by another hour-long program of speeches exalting not only homeschooling itself but my parents in particular. I gave my own detailed testimonial and presented my parents with a plaque in recognition of their achievements in raising me. I never did see that plaque again. Now it is my turn. All these years slaving away at the teacher’s manual, poring over the …