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Slow Cooker Posole

Posole — or pozole — is actually an ancient stew the Aztecs used in celebratory meals and rituals before the Spaniards came over. That’s why there is corn (now hominy) in the recipe. The basic recipe has continued to satisfy over centuries, and Mexicans still celebrate it today.

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Elizabeth’s Easy French Dip

My middle son’s favorite meal is French Dip. So when my friend Elizabeth sent me her quick-and-easy recipe, I knew I had to save it! Besides, it’s beef. Need I say more? Here’s Elizabeth’s own simple version. I’ve included a recipe card below, so you can save this one and make it any time! I am rejoicing up here in Iowa over the news of a beef sale, also. I am planning to prepare my family’s all-time favorite beef recipe that a friend gave me several years ago: French Dips. It is SO good and SO easy. It is simply a roast plopped in the crock pot with a packet of dry Italian salad dressing sprinkled on top, then covered with one quart of beef broth. Cook on low all night for Sunday dinner or all day for an evening dinner. Serve on hard rolls and dip in au jus. Or serve the meat without the rolls and thicken the broth if desired. I’m on a low-carb diet, so I just eat the meat plain …