Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Made Easy

YOU Can Homeschool High School!

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Does the thought of teaching high school make you physically ill? Do you feel afraid, overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated?

Do you worry you are messing up your teen or hurting his chances for college and career?

Do you feel like you’re working overtime in your quest to get through those heavy subjects . . . but getting little results?

Or are you looking ahead to the high school years, thinking you’ll never make it because it seems too difficult and time-consuming?

No matter where you are in your homeschool journey, how long you’ve been teaching, or how old your students are, you can make homeschooling EASY — even in high school!

This book is perfect for you if you are…

  • unsure how to homeschool teens,
  • wondering if you are “doing enough” with your high school students,
  • frustrated with graduation requirements, dual credit options, and transcripts,
  • afraid your homeschool student isn’t adequately prepared for college,
  • a seasoned homeschool mom looking for fresh ideas,
  • a parent just thinking about homeschooling.

Homeschooling teens could be easy!
1Hi, I’m Lea Ann. I’m a homeschool graduate (it works!), homeschool magazine editor, author, and busy mom. I have homeschooled my four children for the last 15 years, and my oldest is graduated with an academic scholarship to a selective private university (where he’s pursuing a degree in mathematics). I’m now teaching one elementary student, one middle school student, and one sophomore in high school. It’s an exciting time.

I’ve been a working homeschool mom nearly the entire time — working full and part time, from home and out of the home. I know how hectic it is with homeschooling, work, church, and community. Keeping things simple is the only way to go. Don’t you agree? That’s why last year, I wrote Homeschool Made Easy, to help you regain your confidence and perspective in your homeschool journey.

But I’m frequently asked about high school — can that part be easy, too? I know all the fears; I burst into loud, ugly crying in the middle of the grocery store when my husband mentioned off-hand that our oldest was ready for high school. That was five years ago, and I can tell you for certain that yes! We can simplify the high school years and even enjoy this exciting time with our teens.


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Are you ready to live out your faith and teach lasting life-lessons to your young people? Do you want to give them confidence and instill a vision of hope in them as they begin college prep? Are you longing to one day look back on these high school years as the very best part of your homeschool journey? If so, then this book is for you.

In this sequel to Homeschool Made EasyI share with you what I’ve learned from over two decades of homeschooling — as a homeschool high school student and as a homeschooling mom. I’ll give you my real-life tips for keeping learning as easy and enjoyable as possible.

You can do it! Let’s take it easy. 

Homeschooling teens can be easy!