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So what if the most extraordinary thing I do for my children -- bio and adopted -- is to provide them normalcy? #ordinaryisextraordinary

Hello, Normalcy. It’s Me, Ordinary Mom.

Yesterday afternoon, I did a very Texan Mom thing. I ran errands all morning, dropping off lunches at forgetful teen’s job and packing the minivan with sale items from Aldis and driving across the metroplex to pick up symphony music and getting a library card at yet another library because we can never, never, ever have enough libraries with enough books. But the Texas Mom thing grew as the full morning gave way to an empty belly. Driving down the country highway in my “sports minivan,” (the awesome Honda Odyssey with all the windows down), past acre after acre of ranches and cattle farms, I could only think of one thing: Grass-Fed Burgers. Pulling into the gravel driveway, I left the sports minivan to air out a bit while my young son and teenaged daughter crunched through the dusty path beside me to the food truck. Grins wide with hopeful expectation, we fished out a cool drink and bag of chips from the bright buckets and staked our claim on a shady picnic table overlooking the …