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How I Started Writing, and What I’m Doing Next

Many people have asked me in the past few months how I got started on this writing journey. I enjoy telling the story, because it was just as surprising to me as to anyone else. And so many wonderful people have reached out to help me, that I can’t help being incredibly grateful. One of the first was Jonathan Lewis at Home School Enrichment. Eight years ago this past week, I met Jonathan Lewis for the first time over the magical interwebs. A friend at church had sent me a link to Home School Enrichment‘s free online digital issues, and I read with great interest Jonathan’s editorials and as well as the other helpful articles. A few weeks later, I found in Jonathan’s newsletter that HSE was looking for a new Early Learning columnist. Without thinking of the consequences, I applied. It was my first query letter of any kind, and I wrote it without any thought and hit “send” immediately then walked away. Five minutes later, it hit me what I had just done. Panic descended …

Homeschool mom, are YOU learning? #homeschoolmadeeasy

Homeschool Mom, Are YOU Learning?

Sometimes we set out to write an article about one thing, and we end up saying something more important. Just like sometimes we try to teach our children something, and then we end up learning something ourselves. This came home to me a couple weeks in recent remarks Jonathan Lewis made about my article in the current issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. We must keep learning, fellow mommies. We are the tired mommies, the busy mommies, the educating mommies, the coffee-guzzling mommies. But we must also be the learning mommies. I needed this reminder: Hey, Parents, What Are You Learning? In the upcoming issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine, Lea Ann Garfias shares an article entitled “7 Surprising Lessons I Learned from Teaching My Children to Read.” It’s a good article, but my point here isn’t to give away all the lessons she learned. Instead, I’d like to point out the underlying truth behind her article: the importance of learning for us as parents! You see, Lea Ann was the one trying to be the teacher. She …

is your student developmentally ready for writing? #homeschool #homeschoolmadeeasy

Is Your Student Developmentally Ready for Writing?

We frustrate our students when we demand they make leaps in their skills without the proper growth and training. Even though the next chapter says, “Diagram these sentences,” or “Write this essay,” the student may not have reached that stage of development yet.

These two aspects go hand in hand: growth and training. Development in writing (as in any subject, actually) breaks down when one of those is missing.