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The State of Home Education

The homeschool community in America has been in an uproar for the past week. Online message boards, facebook communities, and twitter accounts have been frantically exchanging information and conversation on recent events.  Questions have arisen. Accusations have flown. Statements have been made.  Stands have been taken. There is much to be concerned about. We are grieved about the public disagreement between Ken Ham and the leadership of the Great Homeschool Conventions that broke out this past Tuesday. We are praying, still, the schism may one day be resolved biblically and fellowship in truth may be realized again.   We are also concerned about the future of godly small businesses and publishers blindsided by the controversy. Many were caught completely unawares, not understanding the import of this moment until days into the discussions.  Now, many fear for their ministries and their livelihoods lest they miss-speak or misrepresent their hard-built works.  And since so many friendships are inter-related with other homeschool businesses, what one says could reflect on someone else’s ministry. Some keep silent when they wish …

Review – A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses

In the homeschool world, copybooks are a dime a dozen. Literally, I can go to my used bookstore and come home with armloads full. The discerning parent, however, is ever on the lookout for the beautiful, interesting volume to inspire and instruct her young ones toward godliness. Such a resource is A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses.   Veteran homeschool mother and author Joy Marie Dunlap has gathered nearly 75 poems and verses into a convenient, printable e-book.  The Scriptures, in easy-to-understand New American Standard Version, speak to the child’s relationship to God and others.  Over 40 original poems and 17 verses by classic authors illustrate biblical principles of godly living. Each verse and poem is reprinted with dotted lines, so beginning writers can copy the works they read. A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses is adorned with reproductions of wholesome artwork to inspire the young student and his family.  Over forty scenes illustrating virtues such as kindness, hard work, and family

My Favorite Chocolate Sauce

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