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What happened to ordinary mom?

What Happened to Ordinary Mom?

I haven’t decided what kind of mom I am yet. Which is sad, because I’m about to start emptying the nest, so the Big Family Years are coming to a close, and I still haven’t found myself yet, apparently. What kind of mom am I, anyway? I’m a soccer mom. And a music mom. A homeschool mom, a cooking-at-home mom, a coffee mom, and a thinking mom. I’m a mommy blogger, Target mom, and minivan mom. I am not a crafty mom. Just get that straight. I have been a working mom, a work-from-home mom, and a ministry mom (scars to prove it). But I just want to be an ordinary mom. Not the kind of mom you see on cable TV (really, people? THOSE are the real housewives of Dallas? Um, not from this perspective). Not the kind of mom you see in the movies (unless you are talking about Mom’s Night Out, thank you Patricia Heaton for nailing it once again!). Definitely not any of the moms you know on Pinterest! Seriously, I don’t do crafts!!! When …