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FREEBIE: The Day I Met Jesus

FREEBIE – The Day I Met Jesus

What if God Himself came down to earth and looked like a man and walked like a man and had a personal relationship with select women? What if those women he chose to touch, to live with, to eat with, and to have intimate discussions with included an adulteress, a prostitute, an ethnic outcast, a terminal patient, and a bold introvert? What if it were YOU? Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth explore the true stories of women touched by Christ in The Day I Met Jesus: The Revealing Diaries of Five Women from the Gospels. This biblical narrative paints vivid pictures of the real encounters with God in the flesh. Each chapter begins with a diary of a woman met by Jesus in a remarkable way. Author Mary DeMuth shares the biblical character’s innermost thoughts and struggles before the encounter, giving a glimpse of the pain, regret, and fear that woman faced in her daily struggles. As the tale unfolds, one can’t help but identify with the universal struggles of abandonment, betrayal, loss, and desperation. But the day she …

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Classical Astronomy is Essential {free gift}

Some of my favorite resources are Signs & Seasons and Moonfinder, both classical astronomy books from Fourth Day Press. Today, Jay Ryan has generously given ALL readers of WhateverStateIAm a FREE downloadable ebook containing four of his best-loved articles for homeschoolers. You get… 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Teaching Astronomy If you think that astronomy is “the one science we can skip,” then this is a must-read! Astronomy – Why Bother? Most people think that astronomy is black holes and flying spaceships. Jay Ryan explains it is actually a practical study of what you believe and the application of what you know. The American Almanack Tradition Why was the almanack so important to the colonists, anyway? What is Classical Astronomy? An excellent explanation of the discipline of astronomy itself, and of Jay Ryan’s text in particular. Thank you, Jay Ryan, for today’s free download. AstronomyIsEssential-ebook