Homeschool Made Easy


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Is homeschooling hard? Do you feel tired, overwhelmed, stressed out, and frustrated?

Do you feel like you’re working overtime in your homeschool … but getting little results?

Or are you thinking about homeschooling in the future, but it seems too difficult and time-consuming?

“This book puts you in the driver’s seat, arming you with the information you need for confident decisions in your homeschool.”

— Shelley Molitor, homeschool mom

No matter what your homeschool style, how long you’ve been teaching, or how old your students are, you can make homeschooling EASY!

Homeschooling Made Easy offers two things: relief and a target. Your anxiety will go down and your confidence will go up, no matter your homeschool style.”
Jenny Herman, special needs homeschool writer and mother

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This book is perfect for you if you are…

  • a seasoned homeschooling parent looking for fresh ideas,
  • unsure how to homeschool older children,
  • wondering if you are “doing enough” with your homeschool students,
  • frustrated with the busy-work and ready to simplify learning,
  • afraid your homeschool student isn’t adequately prepared for college,
  • a parent just thinking about homeschooling.


“Full of grace and wise counsel, this book will help any homeschooling family take the pressure off, find ways to succeed in your own family-shaped way, and discover joy in the process.”

Mary DeMuth, author and speaker

Hi, I’m Lea Ann. I’m a homeschool graduate (it works!). I have homeschooled my four children for the last 14 years, and my oldest is graduating this spring (in case you just did the math, he’s not stupid, we just started with serious, serious preschool. I learned from that mistake). So now I have one elementary student, one middle school student, one high school student, and one homeschool graduate living far away at a private university. It’s an exciting time.

I’ve been a working homeschool mom nearly the entire time — working full and part time, from home and out of the home. I know how hectic it is with homeschooling, work, church, and community. Keeping things simple is the only way to go. Don’t you agree?

If so, this book is for you. I’ll be sharing with you what I’ve learned from two decades of homeschooling — as a student and as a mom. I’ll give you my real-life tips for keeping learning as easy and enjoyable as possible.

You can do it! Let’s take it easy.