Rocking Ordinary

… Holding It Together with Extraordinary Grace

It is hard to believe that the omnipotent God, Creator of all the universe, wants to use everyday, ordinary women — your typical suburban housewives and mothers and working-hard-just-to-scarf-down-supper gals who are too tired to stand up straight without two pots of coffee, three chocolate bars, and insole support. But that is, indeed, who He uses.Is there any value to an ordinary life?

In a society dominated by reality TV, celebrity appearances, best-seller lists, social media filters, and internet millionaires, does an ordinary wife and mother make a difference?

Is there a purpose in the mess, the chaos, the fatigue, the pain of ordinary life?

“Lea Ann wants to meet you exactly where you are, in the hustle, in the busy, in the ordinary, messy, busy, non-perfect, kids screaming, everyday life. She encourages you, loves you, and roots for you. She’s been there, done that. And knows exactly how to encourage you; Rocking your Ordinary.” — Tina

Most women don’t consider themselves great. Stuck in an endless routine of cleaning, cooking, and caring for family members, they struggle to find meaning and worth in their daily lives. Exhausted at the end of another busy, chaotic day, they wonder if they have made any measurable progress, if it even matters, if their work counts. This book talks frankly about real life, ministry failures, and the depressing side of Christian womanhood, but in a humorous way that makes you want to pour coffee all over it and try again. Whether we feel capable or not, whether we feel spiritual or not, we are already changing lives. This book is for Christian women in their 20s, 30s, or 40s who may or may not have children, may or may not be tired, and may or may not be addicted to coffee.
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Rocking Ordinary takes an honest, up-close-and-personal look at the struggles every woman faces:

  • Am I missing out on what’s important in life?
  • Will I ever overcome my sensitivity to criticism?
  • How can I possibly measure up to the Pinterest lifestyle?
  • What does my marriage reveal about my influence with others?
  • What is the most important quality to pass on to my children?
  • What if my family is flawed — can God still use me?
  • Will I ever truly heal from the pain of abuse, bullying, or rejection?
  • Can I protect myself and those around me from painful people?
  • How does a woman lead intentionally and biblically?
  • How can love change my community?
  • Can I ever maintain a balance between work, family, and ministry?
  • Will God choose to use me?

With eloquence, honesty and grit, Lea Ann Garfias helps moms in the trenches of motherhood find new perspective, joy, and grit. I only wish I had Rocking Ordinary when my children were small.”
—  Mary DeMuth,
author of 31 books, including Worth Living: How God’s Wild Love Makes You Worthy.

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“You have extraordinary influence. You can’t see it, or measure it, or touch it, or even explain it, b. But every kind word to a cashier, every book read to a child, every verse repeated to a friend, every prayer you pray, every meal you make, every smile you share, ripples across countless circles of ordinary lives to make an extraordinary difference.”
— from Rocking Ordinary

About the Author
Lea Ann Garfias believes there is enough coffee in the world to make even dreadful Thursdays possible. As a ministry leader and homeschool writer, she helps ordinary moms realize their extraordinary influence. When she’s not homeschooling her four children, directing her church choir, or performing the violin, she’s passed out asleep. She and her husband David are raising their four children in the Dallas area.

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