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Our Life Well Spent

There are so many reasons for today’s mother to find inspiration and comfort from Charles West Copley’s A Life Well Spent. This Victorian-era painting has many parallels in our homes today, emphasizing the nobility and necessity of a mother’s Divine calling.

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Guest Post – Author Katherine Loop on Biblical Math

This week, we are featuring the unique resource, Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts from a Biblical Worldview. I get a lot of questions from homeschoolers about how to teach “literal math,” and even more confused responses when I excitedly discuss showing our children God’s hand in mathematics. Yet when I read Katherine’s resource, I found a lot of practical suggestions, biblical principles, and worthwhile activities to make the fundamental concepts of arithmetic applicable to my family’s daily life, yet easy to share in a homeschool setting. I couldn’t wait to share it with you (did you enter the giveaway?). But I couldn’t stop there. I asked Katherine if she could share just a sample of what she teaches in her book, to answer some common questions about teaching math from a biblical perspective. Teaching Math from a Biblical Perspective by Katherine Loop Math typically comes across as a subject filled with neutral-looking numbers and equations. Yet math, like science, history, and every other subject, can be approached from a distinctly biblical perspective. And when we approach …

learn how to teach your children about Leonardo da Vinci from expert and homeschool author Catherine Jaime

Guest Post – Author Catherine Jaime on Leonardo da Vinci

This week, I am featuring resources by Catherine McGrew Jaime on Leonardo da Vinci.  My children and I have enjoyed these books immensely. We had already spent a little time studying art, and my oldest son and I had the privilege of seeing the only Leonardo work in the Americas, Ginervra de’ Benci, in person several years ago. What we never fully realized was the diversity of Leonardo’s achievements and interests. Our studies in Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy, the Da Vinci Unit Study, the Da Vinci Student Book, and Leonardo of Florentine have impressed us with the diligence, hard work, creativity, and inquisitiveness of this artist, scientist, musician, and inventor. Author, homeschool mother, and Leonardo expert Catherine McGrew Jaime shares why home educating families should enjoy studying Leonardo da Vinci. A Leonardo da Vinci Home Education by Catherine McGrew Jaime After home educating my own children for almost 30 years, I am still always a bit surprised at what people do and do not study with their homeschooled students.  Not being much …

Resources to teach about da Vinci in your #homeschool

Review & Giveaway – Da Vinci Student Resources

The Review – Da Vinci Student Resources When I told my children we would spend a few weeks learning about Leonardo da Vinci, they looked at me a little askance. When I began our study with the lengthy quote at the beginning of Catherine Jaime’s Da Vinci Unit Study, they were convinced.  The Unit Study starts off with Leonardo’s letter to the Duke of Milan, detailing Leonardo’s plans for intricate weapons of warfare illustrated with fascinating drawings. This was a side of the artist we all wanted to know more about. Catherine Jaime, author of Leonardo of Florentine, has developed three Leonardo resources, including the Da Vinci Unit Study, Student Book, and the essential Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy, present a foundation for studying this interesting and accomplished Renaissance man.  Well-researched and full of facts, this trio of materials teaches Leonardo’s widespread achievements in an appropriate, family-friendly manner. Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy is Catherine Jaime’s first book on Leonardo. In this central book to her Leonardo lessons, Catherine presents Leonardo’s …

Today’s Picture Study – African Elephants

“Let’s look at this picture together for a few moments, Baby. What time is it in the painting?” “Day time!” “Are you sure? Is it bright and sunny?” Nods. “Where is the sun?” Points to the moon. “What is that, Baby?” “That is the moon. Is it night-night time?” “Almost. It is evening. See how beautiful the sky is, since the sun has gone down? What animals do you see