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Can we homeschool when mom is sick? Tips via

Homeschooling While Mom is Sick

This is a topic upon which I have become a reluctant expert. Three painful, bed-rest pregnancies and lately two years of chronic illness have taught me the hard way that it is possible to continue to homeschool during physical trials. Indeed, these times teach us as mothers to lean on the Lord and to draw close with our family as never before. How can we not only survive, but thrive as homeschoolers while battling physical illness? Make a plan. Whether diagnosed with a long-term illness, a high-risk pregnancy, or the flu, having a game plan for “what to do when I feel terrible” makes the bad days livable. Take a look at what is your minimum requirement for your state (do you really need to do any school work at all on your sick days?), where each of your children are academically (do all of them need to do another math worksheet, or only the oldest of them?), and your teaching style (would your children know what to do without your guidance for a day?). …

You are not the only one homeschooling through trials. Find encouragement at

Homeschooling Through Trials – Just Like You

I’ve been in bed the past few days. In bed, in pain, in frustration. As I’ve shared with you before, I have inflammatory arthritis, an auto-immune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis. It flares up suddenly, disrupting my life with pain through my limbs, havoc within my digestive system, eruptions across my skin, and fatigue burdening my body. burdening my family Because this type-A, people-pleasing, schedule-making, goal-breaking gal cannot so much as lift a finger when in the throes of an arthritis flare-up. No cooking, no cleaning, no writing, no teaching. Without Me, ye can do nothing. It is the Spirit’s oft-repeated refrain these past two years, as in tears I look to the heavens and cry … Why? Why can’t I hold a book to read to my children? Why can’t I play the piano? Why can’t I eat human food (I am so weak and ungrateful, see my flesh)? Why can’t I walk through the grocery store? Why can’t I … Why, why, why? Without Me, ye can do nothing. Yesterday I was sitting in …

Happy Arthritis Day

I sat in amazement as my daughter happily sang out the words to me.  She placed a freshly baked popover in front of me, beside a white tea candle and my mug of organic Peruvian coffee.  “Happy Arthritis Day!” she repeated. “Had you forgotten what day it is?” “Adana!” her younger brother chided. “Do you really think Mommy wants to celebrate being sick?” Adana just grinned wider and looked at me expectantly. Still puzzled, I simply had to ask her what had prompted this celebration. And was she certain she even had the right day? “How can you forget something so important? I wrote it down, Mommy. This is the day your arms began hurting.  And this is when you began working for Home School Enrichment, writing the things you love. This is the beginning of many good things that happened – all because you got arthritis.  I wanted to help you