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Ask the Grad – Sarah Holman {and giveaway!}

Texas author and political aide Sarah Holman  tells how she feels about being a homeschooler in this week’s “Ask the Grad.” She shares with us God’s leading over the path of her life and why she is surprised to be a published author. Be sure to enter the giveaway for her novel, Destiny of One, at the end of this post! One of Those Homeschoolers I can see it in their eyes.  As I sit behind my desk, working on entering information into the computer and they talk to my co-worker, their eyes are glancing my way every once in a while.  I smile and continue my work.  As they turn to leave the office they turn to me and say, “You’re one of those homeschoolers, aren’t you?” “Yes, I am,” I say proudly. “I thought so,” they say and leave the representative’s office. As I turn back to my work I continue to smile.  It is fun that at 21, with no family around, people still identify my as “one of those homeschoolers”.  Is …

Ask the Grad – Valerie Basham

Valerie Basham shares her unconventional homeschool story for this week’s “Ask the Grad.” She may not have been taught at home long, but she definitely learned a lot. Read how this Christian School student learned to love homeschooling and grew up to become a second-generation homeschooler and homeschool writer. I looked at my husband with a shocked expression while he was shaving one morning. I had been making the bed, thinking about our conversation when the thought hit me. We had just been discussing the coming school year’s curriculum choices, scheduling options and improvements to our homeschooling lifestyle. “I just realized something!” I said to him, in a surprised tone. “What?” He asked me, his face half covered in white foam. “We’re both homeschool graduates, and we homeschool our own children!” “That’s right!” he said with a widening grin. “I’ve never thought of that, either.” The reason we had not thought of that before, is because I’m just barely a homeschool grad. My story is unusual, at least in comparison with the homeschoolers I know …

Ask the Grad – Amy Bell

We weren’t the perfect homeschooling family (if there even is such a thing). There were six people in our household, and of course, we didn’t always get along. We didn’t consistently start school on time, and there were some days that we stayed in our pajamas until noon (especially in the winter). Yet however relaxed we may have been at times, we were always well aware that we had to finish our subjects by the end of the year. Eventually we learned to plan ahead and do the required amount of work per week. To balance out our lazy days, there were times when we would do much more work than normal in an effort to finish early and have a longer summer break. In high school, I became extremely efficient at planning and organizing my life to make room for everything I wanted to do. I trained myself to do my homework before working on hobbies, etc. I still use this method of setting goals for myself today. For instance, I try not to do anything before my Bible study in the mornings. I will make sure the house is clean before picking up a book or magazine that I really want to read. I will force myself to help my son finish his homework before working on something that I want to write. It works really well for me, and when I do finally get around to relaxing, I usually don’t have any nagging worries in the back of my mind. Everything is done!