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Top Seven Things to Do in Wichita

We just returned from our family Road Trip to Wichita, Kansas and Oklahoma City.  Before we left and all during the trip, friends, family, and strangers asked us, Why Wichita? And our nonplussed Peruvian leader replied, “Because we’ve never been there before.” Well, now we have. And, for when you want to go, here are the Garfias family top seven experiences. 7. Learn how to pronounce Wichita. This was a huge family joke the entire time we were gone. In the middle of the trip, our Peruvian leader burst out, I am tired of Americans mispronouncing Wi-CHEE-tuh! We always said, amongst ourselves, the “proper, Peruvian pronunciation” of the city, so at the end of the trip, when someone asked my daughter, the wordsmith, where we went, she stammered, We went to Wich, Witch, WichEE, whi, whicha, … And we all burst out laughing! You know you have succeeded when you’ve messed up the children. 6. Shop the Antique Mall. Antiquing is not usually on a child’s top list of attractions, yet this antique mall had …

We Know Because We’ve Been There

One of the greatest blessings of learning together as a family is that we have the privilege to learn outside the home. My husband and I take advantage of every opportunity we can find to take our children to learning opportunities within our community and around the country. We want them to be comfortable in museums, galleries, historical sites, exhibits, and gardens from a young age, so that as they grow and mature they will come to a fuller understanding of how to learn from these experiences.