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Stupid-Easy French Onion Soup

For the past few months, I’ve been making soup for lunch every Tuesday. Because we attend choir far away in the evenings, supper is brown-bagged. A hearty, warm soup makes me feel like the day was not a culinary waste. I just love soup. This one is really stupid-easy. So glad I happened upon this can’t-miss recipe. Once you get the onions sliced, there is no time to it. Don’t sweat over the broth, either. If you have homemade broth, more power to you. You can just as easily use the canned kind or make it from bullion cubes. Just make it, already! Get more recipes each week! Your ordinary supper is an extraordinary memory with your family. Get free family-friendly recipes each Friday by joining Ordinary, Extraordinary Meals.

Red Beans and Rice

Yes, you read that right. Don’t adjust your browser. I am giving you a recipe today. This is kind of an experiment. I’ll be sharing recipes with you on Fridays (can we say “Foodie Friday?”) for the next few weeks. If you like it, let me know (gasp – I have opened comments!). If you would rather not, be kind to me anyway. I get a lot of requests from friends and family for my yummy recipes. I can say they are yummy because I’m not taking credit for them. They are from my mother’s extensive cookbook collection which I inherited several years ago. What my mom told me as a teen is true: It doesn’t take anything to be a great cook. Just read and follow the recipes. I am delighted to find that many of the home-cookin’ greats in America’s Best Recipes and Southern Living cookbooks can be modified for allergen-free cooking if they are not allergen-free already. So whether you are preparing meals for someone with special dietary needs or you simply love comfort …