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Wheat Belly

This is Your Brain on Wheat

  The effect of wheat on the brain is more than just influence over mood, energy, and sleep. Actual brain damage is possible, as seen in cerebellar ataxia. but the cerebral cortex, the center of memory and higher thinking, the storehouse of you and your unique personality and memories, the brain’s “gray matter,” can also be pulled into the immune battle with wheat, resulting in enc3ephalopathy, or brain disease. Gluten encephalopathy shows itself as migraine headaches and stroke-like symptoms, such as loss of control over one arm or leg, difficulty speaking, or visual difficulties. On MRI of the brain, there is characteristic evidence of damage surrounding blood vessels in cerebral tissue. Gluten encephalopathy will also show many of the same balance and coordination symptoms as those that occur with cerebellar ataxia. — William Davis, MD. Wheat Belly, pp 172-173 Did you know… I send a weekly recipe newsletter, sharing family-friendly gluten-free recipes. To find out more, go here. This post contains affiliate links, which help support this site. I’d love to keep in touch! I send a …