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Have you ever blown it, #homeschool mom? via

I Blew It

I did it again. This happens once in a blue moon around here, so I should have learned my lesson by now. But I still manage to blow it every time it happens. Studies get going at such a steady clip; the children and I get into the groove. Do a math lesson. Tear out a grammar sheet. Correct your mistakes. Keep going forward. Before you know it, the students are hurtling toward their goals of finishing the book before birthdates. Another day, another worksheet. Such a simple plan. Until one day, we hit a brick wall. This morning, I corrected Sweetie Pooh’s grammar, and the page was quickly covered in red. My pen bled all over his worksheet as I moaned exasperation. “Hey! What do you do if someone is speaking?” He looked up from his cyphering with a glazed expression in his eyes. I motioned him to come over, and he stumbled toward me, shaking his head clear of numbers and desperately trying to change gears. “Um, capitalize the first word?” “Quotation marks!” …

How can you apply the Bible to every subject? via

Q&A – Applying Every Subject

A couple of months ago, I answered common questions on the biblical Trivium method of homeschooling and presented a simple way to understand it. One of my friends left the following comment, quoting from my post: “Subjects are studied on a literal level and applied to how we live, behave, and believe today, making no subject a dead or boring subject.” I would really like to hear you expound on this a bit more. I haven’t been able to get the Bluedorn’s book yet, but have been intrigued by what you have shared. However, I must admit that I am a bit confused as to how the above statement is actually “walked out”. One of the criticisms of classical education is the dry, rote memorization in the early “grammar” stage. One of the main differences between humanist classical educators and biblical classicists is application of Scriptural truth throughout all three stages of learning. Indeed, every subject the child studies should conform to biblical truth and impact his life for eternity. 1. Bible This subject is …