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Have you ever blown it, #homeschool mom? via

I Blew It

I did it again. This happens once in a blue moon around here, so I should have learned my lesson by now. But I still manage to blow it every time it happens. Studies get going at such a steady clip; the children and I get into the groove. Do a math lesson. Tear out a grammar sheet. Correct your mistakes. Keep going forward. Before you know it, the students are hurtling toward their goals of finishing the book before birthdates. Another day, another worksheet. Such a simple plan. Until one day, we hit a brick wall. This morning, I corrected Sweetie Pooh’s grammar, and the page was quickly covered in red. My pen bled all over his worksheet as I moaned exasperation. “Hey! What do you do if someone is speaking?” He looked up from his cyphering with a glazed expression in his eyes. I motioned him to come over, and he stumbled toward me, shaking his head clear of numbers and desperately trying to change gears. “Um, capitalize the first word?” “Quotation marks!” …