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Bringing Our Children to Jesus

How to Teach God’s Greatest Truths I held his heaving body close to my own, willing his sobs to subside. “Sh-sh-sh,” I murmured. “It’s over. It’s okay. Mommy forgives you. God forgives you.” But this time, he would not be comforted. The heart-wrenching tears flowed painfully down his 3-year-old cheeks, wetting his hands, his footie jammies, his concerned mother. It wasn’t the slammed door that had necessitated this discipline session; it was the lie. “It was my sister’s fault!” he had yelled defiantly when I corrected him. Insistently, he stuck to his story until I reminded him that lying was much worse than disobedience in our home. He crumpled then, covering his face in his chubby hands, repeating, “I’m sorry, Mommy! Sorry, Mommy!” in anticipation of the consequences. The consequences had been swift and sure. Now it was time to hug and forgive. I had asked if he wanted to tell God he was sorry, and he seemed eager to pray. The room was silent for a full minute as he clasped his hands, closed …