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24 Ways to Serve as a Family

24 Ways to Serve as a Family

Teens are naturally self-centered. The high school years are a time of great self-discovery as young people decide who they will be, what they will believe, and how they will interact with the world. That’s why we as parents work hard to bring them out of themselves, to show them the tremendous impact they can make on the world around them. We all learn so much through service. We learn true humility, proper perspective, higher priorities, and broader worldview by meeting the needs of others. When we bring our children and teens with us in service, when we include them in regular ministry, we help them reach a higher potential far beyond themselves. As parents, we cannot instill values and habits into our teens that we don’t practice ourselves, right? That’s why serving together is so important. When we model the right behaviors and attitudes before our teens, these values will become much more contagious. But this is not a one-time thing. Putting the needs of others ahead of ourselves is a constant struggle with our …