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how statements in a popular homeschool book reveal secular bias, via

Story of the World and Secular Humanism

I was recently reading aloud to my children at lunch on the topic of the Renaissance and was quite taken aback by the following paragraph. It began a lively discussion around the ham sandwiches: The Renaissance wasn’t just a time when people relearned old ideas. It was also a time of new discoveries. For the first time, ships were sailing all over the world. Explorers were realizing that their old ideas about the world (like boiling seas in the south and water that poured forever off the edge of the world) were wrong. So during the Renaissance, men and women began to make new theories about the world. They compared their new theories with the old Greek and Roman ideas. They started to ask, “Which ideas about the world are right? Let’s go try to find out for ourselves.” When Prince Henry the Navigator sent ships south to see the southern waters, rather than just accepting the old stories about boiling seas, he was thinking like a Renaissance man. When Columbus insisted on going to …

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Mommie Ed

It is important for Mommies to read and study. Whether we home-educate or not, we are responsible for training our next generation. That is a hefty responsibility for Mommies to shoulder, and bears careful consideration. Daily, I feel unequal to the task. Particularly as my children grow older – and the conversations become deeper – the well from which I draw must be running fresh with great ideas, clear thoughts, and crisp principles. I am constantly reading and studying to maintain perspective and to offer a living example of what I endeavor to teach: wisdom comes from life-long learning of God’s Ways. I cannot over-state the importance of self-education in the role of training my children.