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5 challenges women leaders face via

5 Challenges Women Leaders Face

I recently discussed 5 reasons women make great leaders. Thank you for your kind words about that post. I felt like it inadequately expressed the true brilliance of the women around me, but apparently you get the drift. You are awesome — keep it up. I think we all know it isn’t roses and sunshine leading in work and ministry. We are doing great, but there are real obstacles we face regularly. This list is not meant to be discouraging at all. I hope you’ll say, “OK! So it’s not just me! We all face this!” And maybe the men around us can take it as an opportunity to help out. Definitely we can all encourage one another as we face these stumbling blocks in our leadership. 5 Challenges Women Leaders Face 1. We are not taken seriously. Hey, it is tough out there! Don’t I know it! One of my first leadership opportunities was leading the instrumental music ministry in a mid-sized church. The ministry was not at all accustomed to female leadership in a …