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How to know if your #homeschool student is ready for graduation #homeschoolmadeeasy

Day 30: When Is Your Homeschool High School Student Ready to Graduate?

I think of all the stages this one is the most obvious. You just know that you’re done, that the cake is cooked, so to speak. But sometimes we wonder, “Is he really ready? Is it too soon?” So, here’s some questions I asked myself to verify what my heart knows and my eyes clearly see every day — my homeschooler is ready to graduate.

Help your #homeschool high school student learn independently -- no matter your teaching style! #homeschoolmadeeasy

Day 29: Teaching Styles for Homeschooling High School

Now we’ll talk about how to enable your high school student to make that transition toward independent learning no matter your own teaching style. It’s great, because you’ll see that no matter how you’ve been teaching your student up until now, you actually can start taking off the training wheels. He’s just about ready to take off!