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homeschool graduates in their own words

Ask the Grad – Elysse Barrett

I think we must always be asking {what would I do better}, both as Homeschool graduates and as Christians. In the Bible those who compare the practices and traditions they are used to, and the things they’ve been taught against God’s unchanging Word are commended. Further, if we never ask what our parents did – both good and bad – we will never be able to go farther than they did. And, nothing will honor them more than if we stand on their shoulders and take their vision farther than they were able to.

Ask the Grad – Allison Adams

Allison Adams is a very special homeschool graduate. As 2010 Texas Honey Queen and reigning 2011 American Honey Princess, she travels the country as spokeswoman for the American Beekeeping Federation. But today, she shares with us how her home education past prepared her for her current role and shaped her plans for her future.   Ask the Grad by Allison Adams Of all the undeserved blessings God has so lovingly bestowed upon me, home education is one of those for which I am most thankful. I share my story with the prayer that God may be glorified in this testimony of His faithfulness to our family, and that it may encourage and benefit you in some way as you also seek to glorify God in this important area of life. COMING HOME I began my first day at the public school kindergarten on my fifth birthday. I suppose that year went fairly well, but once I began 1st grade Mama became increasingly aware of the negative influences present at the school. At the same time, …

Ask the Grad – Tricia Lewis

This week’s “Ask the Grad” features one of our readers and homeschool mothers – like you – who is also a homeschool graduate. She shares what it was like to be home educated, what she did after graduation, and why she chose to homeschool her own children. Ask the Grad by Tricia Lewis Hi!  My name is Tricia, and I am a homeschool graduate.  I had a ten-year reunion in Japan with my entire graduating class . . . of one, of course.  But let’s not tell the end of the story before the beginning; my homeschool experience started in third grade. My parents started homeschooling in part because of the experiences that one of my sisters and I had in public school.  I went to public school from K-2, and my sister just went to half-day kindergarten, but my parents saw peer pressure working on me, and the effect that teasing as well as some physical difficulties had for her.  She has microtia, (a congenital ear deformity with a genetic component),  as do two …

Ask the Grad – Molly Evangeline

Homeschooling also helped and provided the time for my creativity and imagination to grow. I am a very creative person, and I am just plain unhappy when I’m not creating something. At eight-years-old I began writing stories after seeing my mom writing. Little did I know then that through the years I would discover that was what I was most passionate about and what I wanted to do with my life. All those free afternoon hours of writing shaped me into an author.

Ask the Grad – Brook Wayne

We had friends, we had ample time to get together with others our own age, but I’m grateful my mom and dad had the foresight to allow us to grow up primarily as part of a family and not primarily as part of the peer group. I’m sure this only worked because they actually had our hearts in the first place, were open to conversations about “why” and worked hard at creating a family culture we would want to identify with.