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is your student developmentally ready for writing? #homeschool #homeschoolmadeeasy

Is Your Student Developmentally Ready for Writing?

We frustrate our students when we demand they make leaps in their skills without the proper growth and training. Even though the next chapter says, “Diagram these sentences,” or “Write this essay,” the student may not have reached that stage of development yet.

These two aspects go hand in hand: growth and training. Development in writing (as in any subject, actually) breaks down when one of those is missing.

Teach your #homeschool middle school student the way that is best for YOU! #homeschoolmadeeasy

Day 22: Teaching Styles for Homeschooling Middle School

During middle school, you are helping your student become more adept at studying, more independent in his learning, and more serious about his subjects. And we’re remembering that is a gradual process, that he won’t become Super Student all at once. But with all that, we can still remain true to our own homeschool philosophy and keeping learning within our own teaching style.