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Math Lessons for a Living Education offers a simple solution for Charlotte Mason and classical homeschoolers.

MasterBooks Math Lessons for a Living Education Review

With Math Lessons for a Living Education, homeschoolers can, at last, provide meaningful, engaging lessons in mathematics. This colorful, gentle curriculum provides comprehensive instruction in a practical format. With practical examples and fun stories, the curriculum builds skills while teaching fun character lessons without sermonizing or boring the student.

Books I’ve Been Reading (and one for you)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately. And it looks to be a particularly book-filled year. So I’ve decided to not only share some of my favorite reads with you . . . but actually send some of my favorite reads to you! Every morning, I start my day with devotions and reading time. This habit, which I’ve practiced since I was a young girl, helps my mind and soul wake up while my body attempts to catch up. By keeping this date with myself — and reading extra on sick days and weekends — I can power through a few books a month. Spoiler alert — I’m heavy into nonfiction. I know that fiction is good for me, but I just gravitate toward answers to burning questions. If you have a good fiction recommendation, please leave the title in the comments! And as for how you can have one of these books for your own collection, just keep reading to the end. Some Books that Made Me Think . . . and …

I Got My Word of the Year Wrong (of course)

Do you pick a Word of the Year? It’s kinda’ the thing to do these days years. I have several friends who pick a word from the Lord to meditate on, to live out, to wrestle with through the year. For the past couple of years, I’ve been fearful of picking the Word of the Year.  Because there are 171, 476 words in the English language and the chance of picking the right one word out of all of those is 0.00000583%. I did the math. I have a better chance of being struck by lightening. Again, I looked it up. Last year was The Year of Lea Ann. Don’t roll your eyes, it was really a thing. The Year of David was two years previous, and it went . . . ok for him. But last January, all signs pointed to a Super Awesome Year of Amazing Things for Lea Ann. When my husband christened it in my honor, I had no objections. Neither did the principalities, powers, and rulers of the darkness of this world, either …