As a busy mom, ministry leader, passionate wife, and intentional friend, I am excited to help you share the message of hope and healing with women. I have seen in my own life that God can take ordinary women — frustrations, failings, family messes, and all — and use them in extraordinary ways. I would love to help YOU share that message at your next event. You can view my press kit here.

Thank you for considering me for your next event. I’m truly honored.

About Me

4.0I am your target audience! A busy, sometimes stressed, sometimes overcommitted, sometimes too-tired-to-fold-one-more-load mom who drinks a little too much coffee and yearns for a little more indication that all this matters. So that’s why I wrote Rocking Ordinary, to remind myself and my friends that God is intentionally using us in every day, every relationship, every struggle we face.

I live in the Dallas area with David, my husband of twenty years, and our four amazing fun children. I homeschool and write and perform in two local symphonies and serve in our local church, while my husband banks and coaches soccer and runs a children’s ministry and makes sure we all have fun.

About My Message

Watch my live television interview on The Harvest Show (reaching 115 million homes worldwide):

Here are a few sample clips from recent interviews I’ve done to give you an example of my style:

My Topics

I speak on Christian women’s issues of worth, success, spiritual growth, family issues (marriage and child rearing), overcoming trials, and recovering from past failures. I would love to customize a message or presentation based on the theme or topic of your next event.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Ordinary is Extraordinary –  How can you effectively influence the lives of your family members, church group, and community — right from the midst of your ordinary life? I share my experience as a volunteer coordinator, church ministry leader, and busy mom, giving you the secrets to success that really matters.
  • Success through Failure – How do we handle the failures in our lives, both the small, everyday stumbles that steal our joy and the large mistakes that make us feel ruined and inadequate? I open up about my own messy past, including physical abuse and being disowned by my family, to offer a biblical perspective on how God uses real, flawed, hurting women for His own perfect plan.
  • I Can’t Be Perfect  – In a Pinterest-perfect, filtered-photo world, how can a real woman keep up? I talk about the struggle with perfectionism and the ensuing self-criticism and external criticism we all face, then turn the focus to God’s beautiful plan for grace and glory in the messy now.
  • Peace After Pain – Every woman has pain, whether it’s a physical affliction, a broken relationship, or an abusive past. I empathize through my own struggle with health issues, family dysfunction, and abuse recovery to offer biblical hope for not only renewed joy, but also for enabling healing in the lives of those around us.
  • Homeschool Made Easy – Is it possible to make homeschooling so simple, so straightforward that children love to learn, moms enjoy teaching, and there’s time left for work and ministry? As a homeschool graduate and homeschool mom of three (and one graduate!), I present concrete tips for making it all work for each member of the family.
  • Homeschool HIGH SCHOOL Made Easy – Can we simplify high school homeschooling and still be successful? How can we make sure all the forms and requirements are completed . . . without losing our minds? When do we know our teen is ready for adulthood? I’ll help you reach your homeschool goals, prepare your teen for real life, and still keep (most of) your sanity!

 Let’s Talk!

Can I answer more questions for you? Or would you like to see if your event fits my speaking schedule? Contact me today, and I’ll answer quickly.

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