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WIN >> 5 Minute Devotions for the Homeschool Mom

Giveaway: 5 Minute Devotions for the Homeschool Mom

I’m deep, deep into my book about #OrdinaryIsExtraordinary this week. The manuscript is due to the publisher at the end of this month, and I’m making a last effort to cram extra awesome into it for you. So that’s why I’m not around her much; I’m buried in pages and notes and heavy red marks. Send coffee. While I’m gone, my friend Tina Nahid offered to stop by and give you a special gift of encouragement. Tina is one of those rare friends–someone who has watched me eat and still likes me! I can really chow down, and I will fight you for the chips and salsa, but Tina doesn’t let that intimidate her. We no longer get to share the chip basket at Homeschool Moms Dinner Club, because Tina up and moved on us. But she left me this devotional, Five Minute Devotions for the Homeschool Mom. Tina knows we homeschool moms need a grab-and-go encouragement, a quick meditation to pray over as we work through our day. So be sure to sign up at the end to win your …

Hands Free Life

Let Go of the Pain

  Let us not be so consumed with the past that we forget we are here now. Let us not be so bent on self-protection that we never speak our innermost hurts. Speaking one’s deepest regrets does not change the past; it does something far greater. It connects us to the One who loves us despite our faults and failings so that we are free to connect to the person sitting beside us. This type of vulnerable connection, born of a place of deep pain and authenticity, is the kind of connection that is strong enough to transform individuals, families, communities, cities, and worlds. Let us surrender the failures and pains of our past so that our love is not separated and weakened but instead united and strengthened. — Rachel Macy Stafford. Hands Free Life, p. 50 This post contains affiliate links, which help support this site. I’d love to keep in touch! I send a monthly email to my friends. It’s full of goodies like great books, interesting information, exclusive content, and coffee chats. Wanna’ …

Wheat Belly

This is Your Brain on Wheat

  The effect of wheat on the brain is more than just influence over mood, energy, and sleep. Actual brain damage is possible, as seen in cerebellar ataxia. but the cerebral cortex, the center of memory and higher thinking, the storehouse of you and your unique personality and memories, the brain’s “gray matter,” can also be pulled into the immune battle with wheat, resulting in enc3ephalopathy, or brain disease. Gluten encephalopathy shows itself as migraine headaches and stroke-like symptoms, such as loss of control over one arm or leg, difficulty speaking, or visual difficulties. On MRI of the brain, there is characteristic evidence of damage surrounding blood vessels in cerebral tissue. Gluten encephalopathy will also show many of the same balance and coordination symptoms as those that occur with cerebellar ataxia. — William Davis, MD. Wheat Belly, pp 172-173 Did you know… I send a weekly recipe newsletter, sharing family-friendly gluten-free recipes. To find out more, go here. This post contains affiliate links, which help support this site. I’d love to keep in touch! I send a …