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Day 5: Early Learning

During these preschool years, homeschool parents have the wonderful opportunity to light that fire within their students. There’s no homework, no research projects, no ten-page papers, no grueling tests. There’s just barefoot wonder, awe-inspiring sights, and enchanting curiosity. Pretty picture books, action-figure knights, hands-on museums, and pet insects make every day an adventure.

On Learning Styles

The Dominant Abstract Random person believes there is more to life than cold hard facts or endless details. People are more important than things, and life is too short to get caught up in conflict or uncomfortable situations. They often find themselves the peacemakers, sometimes at their own expense. It is difficult for ARs to work in situations where there is unhappiness or disharmony. For many ARs, it seems as though they are constantly having to smooth over rough words said by someone else, or apologize for the actions of a thoughtless colleague or family member. Cynthia Ulrich Tobias The Way They Learn: How to Discover and Teach to Your Child’s Strengths  (p. 46)  

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The Sneaky Way to Teach Writing

Are you looking for ways to make teaching writing easier? I know I am. I run a “writing club” for my two boys and niece, and traditional writing makes all three of them cry. True story. So, I’ve resorted to finding other ways to teach writing. Since I teach the writing club, I spend a lot of time mulling over this concept. I brainstorm and look for ways to make the writing process less painful. I surprised myself with the tip I will share today. It’s SO sneaky that I didn’t realize I was teaching writing!