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5 challenges women leaders face via

5 Challenges Women Leaders Face

I recently discussed 5 reasons women make great leaders. Thank you for your kind words about that post. I felt like it inadequately expressed the true brilliance of the women around me, but apparently you get the drift. You are awesome — keep it up. I think we all know it isn’t roses and sunshine leading in work and ministry. We are doing great, but there are real obstacles we face regularly. This list is not meant to be discouraging at all. I hope you’ll say, “OK! So it’s not just me! We all face this!” And maybe the men around us can take it as an opportunity to help out. Definitely we can all encourage one another as we face these stumbling blocks in our leadership. 5 Challenges Women Leaders Face 1. We are not taken seriously. Hey, it is tough out there! Don’t I know it! One of my first leadership opportunities was leading the instrumental music ministry in a mid-sized church. The ministry was not at all accustomed to female leadership in a …

5 reasons women make good leaders via

5 Reasons Women Make Great Leaders

I recently tweeted Michael Hyatt that I would love to hear him interview a woman in leadership on the unique challenges she faces as well as the strengths of women in leadership. Here’s his reply. @MichaelHyatt that's great! Women leaders face unique challenges and have few balanced mentors. It may be a topic to consider. — Lea Ann Garfias (@lagarfias) January 7, 2014 I am not disappointed. As a father of grown daughters and former CEO, I’m sure Guru Hyatt recognizes the difference women make at home and in the office. I’m also pretty confident a significant portion of his readers are women. So the topic has to come up soon. The fact of the matter is, leadership looks much different in a skirt. It may not be politically correct to say so, but it’s true. Women both fill leadership positions and respond to other leaders in a different way than their male coworkers. After nearly a decade and a half of experience in both ministerial and business management, I’ve identified a few strengths particular …

Review – Entrusted with Arrows

from the archives, a product worth a second look …  Home educators are accustomed to living counter-culture.  Their lifestyles go against the grain within their community, their extended families, even within their churches.  They live with this stigma of non-conformity because they dare sacrifice all to rear their children for eternity. A few brave families have taken this idea yet another step.  Rather than simply leaving the mother at home all day to be the primary educator and trainer of their sons and daughters, these visionary men have exited the corporate world forever to personally mold their own legacy.  These are true entrepreneurs, risking their financial stability for a wealth they deem far greater than gold, working in pursuit of a bold, new enterprise. Entrusted with Arrows:Entrepreneurial Homeschool Fathers  is the challenging, 60 minute documentary produced by  Greg Lammimen and Movie Makers highlighting 5 such families.  This film explains how important Dad is within the home, with weighty statistical proof for why his influence – or lack of it – is more crucial to a young person’s …

Ask the Grad – Elysse Barrett

I think we must always be asking {what would I do better}, both as Homeschool graduates and as Christians. In the Bible those who compare the practices and traditions they are used to, and the things they’ve been taught against God’s unchanging Word are commended. Further, if we never ask what our parents did – both good and bad – we will never be able to go farther than they did. And, nothing will honor them more than if we stand on their shoulders and take their vision farther than they were able to.

Ask the Grad – Israel Wayne

Homeschooling has become far more than an educational alternative for me and my family. It has become a way of life. It is a commitment to continue learning throughout all of life. It is a means for being able to pass on our beliefs, our convictions and our values to our children. It is a way for us to share our lives with them, giving them the best of our time and attention.