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An Interview with the Authors of The Day I Met Jesus

Interview with the Authors of The Day I Met Jesus

I feel just that strange combination of honor and humility while getting to know authors Frank Viola & Mary DeMuth the last couple weeks. Their new book, The Day I Met Jesus, is so special, so interesting, and so touching. It truly surprised me. I couldn’t get it off my mind, and I read several parts of it aloud to my daughter. I just love it. So it was really nice to get a chance to talk about it with Frank and Mary, to learn now this book came about and what the process has meant to the authors. I asked them if I could share more with you, so here it is. An interview with Frank Viola and Mary DeMuth over The Day I Met Jesus. Bring your own coffee. Why did you write this book? Frank: Back in 2007, I got an idea to create a new genre of Christian literature. I call that genre “biblical narrative.” The new genre would contain autobiographical fiction closely based on the Scriptural narratives and faithful to first-century history. It would also …

how to read free kindle books, via

How to Read FREE Kindle Books

  Several personal friends have bought Kindle Fires lately. I’ve made no secret that I absolutely love my Fire; I still believe it is the smartest technology purchase my husband and I have ever made. For all-around media consumption, portability, and ease-of-use, it can’t be beat. And now, I have a new addiction: downloading free Kindle books. I try to grab a few every day. And since I don’t read an entire book every day, my collection is really growing. But I don’t care. My Kindle collection is stored on the Amazon cloud, meaning I can access the books any time, anywhere, from any web-enabled device. Even the highlights and notes I make in these books will be available any way I access the book; paperbacks aren’t half so convenient. I am asked nearly every day “How do you get these free books?” Well, it is hit-and-miss for good literature, but below are some of my favorite ways to browse. First off, though, a few pointers for Kindle newbies: If you have a Fire, bookmark …

Ask the Grad – Elysse Barrett

I think we must always be asking {what would I do better}, both as Homeschool graduates and as Christians. In the Bible those who compare the practices and traditions they are used to, and the things they’ve been taught against God’s unchanging Word are commended. Further, if we never ask what our parents did – both good and bad – we will never be able to go farther than they did. And, nothing will honor them more than if we stand on their shoulders and take their vision farther than they were able to.

Ask the Grad – Brook Wayne

We had friends, we had ample time to get together with others our own age, but I’m grateful my mom and dad had the foresight to allow us to grow up primarily as part of a family and not primarily as part of the peer group. I’m sure this only worked because they actually had our hearts in the first place, were open to conversations about “why” and worked hard at creating a family culture we would want to identify with.

Review – A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses

In the homeschool world, copybooks are a dime a dozen. Literally, I can go to my used bookstore and come home with armloads full. The discerning parent, however, is ever on the lookout for the beautiful, interesting volume to inspire and instruct her young ones toward godliness. Such a resource is A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses.   Veteran homeschool mother and author Joy Marie Dunlap has gathered nearly 75 poems and verses into a convenient, printable e-book.  The Scriptures, in easy-to-understand New American Standard Version, speak to the child’s relationship to God and others.  Over 40 original poems and 17 verses by classic authors illustrate biblical principles of godly living. Each verse and poem is reprinted with dotted lines, so beginning writers can copy the works they read. A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses is adorned with reproductions of wholesome artwork to inspire the young student and his family.  Over forty scenes illustrating virtues such as kindness, hard work, and family