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What should a #homeschool mom read? via

Mommie Ed

It is important for Mommies to read and study. Whether we home-educate or not, we are responsible for training our next generation. That is a hefty responsibility for Mommies to shoulder, and bears careful consideration. Daily, I feel unequal to the task. Particularly as my children grow older – and the conversations become deeper – the well from which I draw must be running fresh with great ideas, clear thoughts, and crisp principles. I am constantly reading and studying to maintain perspective and to offer a living example of what I endeavor to teach: wisdom comes from life-long learning of God’s Ways. I cannot over-state the importance of self-education in the role of training my children.

Gratitude advice from William Shakespeare

Shakespeare on Gratitude

Romeo, after the fray, had taken refuge in friar Lawrence’s cell, where he was first made acquainted with the prince’s sentence, which seemed to him far more terrible than death. To him it appeard there was no world out of Verona’s walls, no living out of the sight of Juliet. Heaven was there where Juliet lived, and all beyond was purgatory, torture, and hell. The good friar would have applied the consolation of philosophy to his griefs: but this frantic young man would hear of none, but like a madman he tore his hair, and threw himself all along upon the ground, as he said, to take the measure of his grave. From this unseemly state he was roused by a message from his dear lady, which a little revived him; and then the friar took the advantage to expostualte with him on the unmanly weakness which he had shown. He had slain Tybalt, but would he also slay himself, slay his dear lady, who lived but in his life? The noble form of man, …

Ask the Grad – C.J. Darlington

Today’s homeschool graduate shares how home education encouraged her creativity and writing talent. Be sure to read to the end, when she answers a reader question and shares how you can win one of two signed copies of her book, Thicker than Blood! C.J.Darlington, homeschool graduate If it weren’t for homeschooling, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I truly believe that. My twin sister Tracy and I were homeschooled through all our schooling years except for kindergarten, but Mom was one of the teachers! I still remember the excitement of starting first grade. Our parents went all out in setting up our little home classroom complete with cool desks, a blackboard, themed decorations on the walls—the works. It put us in the right frame of mind to learn and not fool around. I never went to school in my pajamas! J We kept regular schooling hours but often would work late to complete a project. And the field trips! We belonged to a local county group that gave us the chance to go on …

Looking for a Good Read?

 In the July/August issue of Home School Enrichment, I discuss how to find great books for little ones in the article “Picture Books for Preschoolers: How to Choose Great Children’s Literature.”  If you have not yet subscribed to HSE, you can read the article free from the digital magazine here when the issue comes available soon.  To help with finding great books, I have begun listing some of my favorites for little ones here on whateverstate.  I will continue to review some of our favorites and add to the lists in the future.  For your convenience, you may see a preview of the book and even buy direct from Amazon by clicking the book beside each listing.  Enjoy browsing my list of picture books and first readers.