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learn how to teach your children about Leonardo da Vinci from expert and homeschool author Catherine Jaime

Guest Post – Author Catherine Jaime on Leonardo da Vinci

This week, I am featuring resources by Catherine McGrew Jaime on Leonardo da Vinci.  My children and I have enjoyed these books immensely. We had already spent a little time studying art, and my oldest son and I had the privilege of seeing the only Leonardo work in the Americas, Ginervra de’ Benci, in person several years ago. What we never fully realized was the diversity of Leonardo’s achievements and interests. Our studies in Da Vinci: His Life and His Legacy, the Da Vinci Unit Study, the Da Vinci Student Book, and Leonardo of Florentine have impressed us with the diligence, hard work, creativity, and inquisitiveness of this artist, scientist, musician, and inventor. Author, homeschool mother, and Leonardo expert Catherine McGrew Jaime shares why home educating families should enjoy studying Leonardo da Vinci. A Leonardo da Vinci Home Education by Catherine McGrew Jaime After home educating my own children for almost 30 years, I am still always a bit surprised at what people do and do not study with their homeschooled students.  Not being much …

Ideas for teaching math concepts to your young children

Monkey Math: a Guest Post

Karen holds a BS in Science Education and is a former teacher of Calculus and Biological Sciences. Now, she is home educating her two preschool-aged sons in Pennsylvania. I have eagerly read her blog entries on how she teaches them “difficult math” in literal ways using hands-on approaches according to their ability and curiosity. I find her work refreshing and even ground-breaking. I wish I had taught my first children like she does. Here is a glimpse of how she teaches early math.

Review – A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses

In the homeschool world, copybooks are a dime a dozen. Literally, I can go to my used bookstore and come home with armloads full. The discerning parent, however, is ever on the lookout for the beautiful, interesting volume to inspire and instruct her young ones toward godliness. Such a resource is A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses.   Veteran homeschool mother and author Joy Marie Dunlap has gathered nearly 75 poems and verses into a convenient, printable e-book.  The Scriptures, in easy-to-understand New American Standard Version, speak to the child’s relationship to God and others.  Over 40 original poems and 17 verses by classic authors illustrate biblical principles of godly living. Each verse and poem is reprinted with dotted lines, so beginning writers can copy the works they read. A Child’s Treasury of Prayers, Poems, and Verses is adorned with reproductions of wholesome artwork to inspire the young student and his family.  Over forty scenes illustrating virtues such as kindness, hard work, and family

mid-year encouragement for homeschoolers

Encouragement Mid School Year

Do you feel like your homeschooling journey is getting rocky? Are you suffering from mid-year blues? Do the bad days seem to outnumber the good ones? You are in good company…I meet homeschool moms regularly who are barely holding on, who are second guessing their decision to teach their own children. But so many of the times, I find that they are suffering from one of two maladies: They are playing “the lone ranger of homeschooling” or they are stuck in the mode of “school at home”. Both of those problems will suck the joy out of your education journey faster than you might imagine.