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Homeschool mom, are YOU learning? #homeschoolmadeeasy

Homeschool Mom, Are YOU Learning?

Sometimes we set out to write an article about one thing, and we end up saying something more important. Just like sometimes we try to teach our children something, and then we end up learning something ourselves. This came home to me a couple weeks in recent remarks Jonathan Lewis made about my article in the current issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine. We must keep learning, fellow mommies. We are the tired mommies, the busy mommies, the educating mommies, the coffee-guzzling mommies. But we must also be the learning mommies. I needed this reminder: Hey, Parents, What Are You Learning? In the upcoming issue of Home School Enrichment Magazine, Lea Ann Garfias shares an article entitled “7 Surprising Lessons I Learned from Teaching My Children to Read.” It’s a good article, but my point here isn’t to give away all the lessons she learned. Instead, I’d like to point out the underlying truth behind her article: the importance of learning for us as parents! You see, Lea Ann was the one trying to be the teacher. She …

Our Life Well Spent

There are so many reasons for today’s mother to find inspiration and comfort from Charles West Copley’s A Life Well Spent. This Victorian-era painting has many parallels in our homes today, emphasizing the nobility and necessity of a mother’s Divine calling.

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Mommie Ed

It is important for Mommies to read and study. Whether we home-educate or not, we are responsible for training our next generation. That is a hefty responsibility for Mommies to shoulder, and bears careful consideration. Daily, I feel unequal to the task. Particularly as my children grow older – and the conversations become deeper – the well from which I draw must be running fresh with great ideas, clear thoughts, and crisp principles. I am constantly reading and studying to maintain perspective and to offer a living example of what I endeavor to teach: wisdom comes from life-long learning of God’s Ways. I cannot over-state the importance of self-education in the role of training my children.

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Homeschooling While Mom is Sick

This is a topic upon which I have become a reluctant expert. Three painful, bed-rest pregnancies and lately two years of chronic illness have taught me the hard way that it is possible to continue to homeschool during physical trials. Indeed, these times teach us as mothers to lean on the Lord and to draw close with our family as never before. How can we not only survive, but thrive as homeschoolers while battling physical illness? Make a plan. Whether diagnosed with a long-term illness, a high-risk pregnancy, or the flu, having a game plan for “what to do when I feel terrible” makes the bad days livable. Take a look at what is your minimum requirement for your state (do you really need to do any school work at all on your sick days?), where each of your children are academically (do all of them need to do another math worksheet, or only the oldest of them?), and your teaching style (would your children know what to do without your guidance for a day?). …