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Am I quenching the Holy Spirit's work in my life, or in my children?

Don’t Pour Cold Water on the Flame

Last Sunday, our pastor preached on 1 Thessalonians 5:12-24:  Do not quench the Spirit. — 1 Thess. 5:19 He explained that to quench is here the same as we imagine water quenching. Water quenches our thirst, stifles an activity, even extinguishes a fire.  Sitting in my pew, I began to imagine a roaring fire. All around me, buckets of water overflowed with power, ready to dampen, cool, put out the flames. I shivered in apprehension. But what if that fire isn’t something dangerous, but rather something good, holy, right, and exciting? Maybe the fire in my heart is … a burden for souls, a guilt over bad habits, a compulsion to prayer, a longing for children, a calling to reach out in faith. That’s the Holy Spirit of God’s work in my life, a fire He starts with a purpose. But at my feet are buckets of laziness, or selfishness, or materialism, or mindless entertainment, or irresponsibility. How easy to splash those on the flames, to intentionally or unintentionally squash the warmth of God’s working in my heart. Then with a start, I realized I was sitting in a pew, …