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An Overview of Classical Homeschooling

Few homeschool methods elicit such strong feelings as classical homeschooling. Is it too hard? Is it intense? Isn’t classical education for the intellectual elite or “gifted students”? Is classical education even biblical? While unbalanced extremes exist in every educational philosophy, classical education itself is—at its very essence—a simple, time-honored tradition of teaching. Remember, a “classic” is something that epitomizes the “best” in that category, the standard that has stood the test of time as a benchmark for success. The word classic is used this way to describe classical music, classic literature, and classic cars. We might drink Coke classic while watching our favorite classic films. Most people highly regard a “classic” as the very best. And so with classical education. Simply put, classical homeschooling looks to age-old methods of learning from the best of what has come before. Based on a “trivium” of three learning levels, classical education teaches children in the time-honored tradition using literature, biographies, and primary resources. Classical education emphasizes the humanities (history, literature, the arts, and philosophy) as the foundation of learning. Read more here.

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Classical Astronomy is Essential {free gift}

Some of my favorite resources are Signs & Seasons and Moonfinder, both classical astronomy books from Fourth Day Press. Today, Jay Ryan has generously given ALL readers of WhateverStateIAm a FREE downloadable ebook containing four of his best-loved articles for homeschoolers. You get… 7 Reasons Why You Should Be Teaching Astronomy If you think that astronomy is “the one science we can skip,” then this is a must-read! Astronomy – Why Bother? Most people think that astronomy is black holes and flying spaceships. Jay Ryan explains it is actually a practical study of what you believe and the application of what you know. The American Almanack Tradition Why was the almanack so important to the colonists, anyway? What is Classical Astronomy? An excellent explanation of the discipline of astronomy itself, and of Jay Ryan’s text in particular. Thank you, Jay Ryan, for today’s free download. AstronomyIsEssential-ebook

June – Learning from Trials – at WhateverStateIAm

Family   The month of June was full of ups and downs at our house. It seemed, at times, there were more downs than ups at times. I spent over 3 weeks straight very, very ill with an excruciatingly painful flair-up of my arthritis. Most of that time, I was bed-ridden. At the end of it, I came down with a stomach bug. So weak I was, I literally collapsed on the way from the bathroom to my bed. As my husband dragged me back to bed, I moaned, “I won’t make it through this one, honey.” He laughed and said, “You aren’t that lucky. You’ll survive.” He was right. I was sitting up 24 hours later, and out of bed in another day. While I was battling for the strength to get out from between the sheets, a dear friend of mine who is struggling against a much worse form of arthritis than mine sent me the message she had to begin chemotherapy. Too dehydrated to cry for her, I have never stopped praying. …

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Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts From a Biblical Worldview

Homeschoolers are convinced that math is important, but we may not consider teaching math from a biblical perspective. Katherine Loop tells us why we must – and how we can – in Revealing Arithmetic: Math Concepts from a Biblical Worldview. Just as creation science is wholly different in its origins and application, biblical arithmetic is also distinctively different from humanistic mathematics. Katherine explains the imperatives of teaching God’s constancies and principles through our mathematics instructions and of using biblical principles to guide how we use our math in daily life. She points out the humanism hidden in secular and even Christian math textbooks and contrasts that with the truths God clearly declares in His Word. Revealing Arithmetic is the perfect reference work to assist homeschoolers teaching math to students of all ages. Whatever curriculum you are using, this book explains math concepts in clear, easy-to-understand principles from the Word of God. Each chapter begins with the biblical origins and application of an elementary arithmetic concept (counting, addition, fractions, etc.). Next, Katherine shares the historical context of …

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Mommie Ed

It is important for Mommies to read and study. Whether we home-educate or not, we are responsible for training our next generation. That is a hefty responsibility for Mommies to shoulder, and bears careful consideration. Daily, I feel unequal to the task. Particularly as my children grow older – and the conversations become deeper – the well from which I draw must be running fresh with great ideas, clear thoughts, and crisp principles. I am constantly reading and studying to maintain perspective and to offer a living example of what I endeavor to teach: wisdom comes from life-long learning of God’s Ways. I cannot over-state the importance of self-education in the role of training my children.