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is your student developmentally ready for writing? #homeschool #homeschoolmadeeasy

Is Your Student Developmentally Ready for Writing?

We frustrate our students when we demand they make leaps in their skills without the proper growth and training. Even though the next chapter says, “Diagram these sentences,” or “Write this essay,” the student may not have reached that stage of development yet.

These two aspects go hand in hand: growth and training. Development in writing (as in any subject, actually) breaks down when one of those is missing.

Writing is Fun!

Writing is Fun!

Surprisingly, I enjoy teaching my homeschoolers to write. I say surprisingly because when I was a student, I would do anything to avoid writing. It wasn’t until well into my adult years that I discovered my love for writing. Then it took considerable practice–and a lot of mistakes–to find how simple and effective writing can be. So when Jonathan Lewis, the editor of Home School Enrichment Magazine asked me to write a series on “how to teach writing,” I enjoyed the opportunity to examine the writing process from both sides of the kitchen table. So last summer, Jonathan shared some of his thoughts, too. Writing is Fun! By Jonathan Lewis  When I was growing up as a homeschool student, I don’t think anything tied me in knots faster than a writing assignment. My mind seemed to go into lockdown and all efforts to coax words out of my pen were fruitless. Over time, I’ve obviously overcome my seeming inability to put words on paper (as this blog post demonstrates!). I’ll share one strategy you can …

Top 8 Books from 2015

Top 8 Books from 2015

I love to read. Last year, I set myself a goal of reading 50 books in a year. When the year was over, I had read 47 books. ARG! Missed it by three! And I hardly read at all in December, so there’s where I missed the mark. This year, I’m going to exceed 50 books, just you watch. I was surprised by which books struck me this year. Out of the nearly 50 I read, the ones I expected the least from were the ones I couldn’t put down — and they stayed with me for months later. I couldn’t get these stores out of my heart, I couldn’t stop thinking about the morals each author communicated. These were the books that changed me in unexpected ways. So, while I’m sure you have your own “must read” list of titles for this year and the interwebs are flooded with “these were the best of 2015” articles, I decided to share my own list of shocking-but-share-worthy titles. Maybe some of them would surprise you, too. Regardless, …

Top 10 Posts of 2015

This past year was an exciting one blogging here. At long last, my love for writing and connecting with you has returned — stronger than ever! And I feel like we connected on some topics that are meaningful and impactful. In case you missed something (or if you, like me, enjoy a trip down memory lane), here are the 10 hottest posts from the 96 posts published (only 96?! Why couldn’t I have squeezed out four more?!) in 2015. 1. 10 Things You Homeschool Friend Won’t Tell You (but wishes you knew) I have to tell you — I knew this would be a hot topic when I wrote it. But I didn’t think it would be that hot! In the end, only two “homeschool brands” posted it, but tens of thousands of homeschool moms shared it on facebook saying, “This is me.” And that made me reach out through the laptop and hug you, because you are my peoples. Love you. Read it here. 2. Why Homeschool Students Cheat This one, too, I knew would …