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Garfias Family 2016 Update

I just realized that so much happened to all of us in 2016. And though I generally post a lot on facebook, not everyone catches all the wild and crazy antics of the Garfias family. So in case you’re wondering what’s going on in our busy house, here’s a family update. The big family news of the year was our adoption journey. We started the process toward adopting from foster care last spring, then put things on hold mid-year due to my book release and an international adoption possibility. But after some prayer and waiting, we became convinced that adopting from foster care is truly God’s plan for our family. We’ve completed all the training, paperwork, and requirements on our end now. We’re just awaiting the final home study (the last of three home inspections and private interviews with every family member) before beginning the placement process. We plan to adopt a Hispanic sibling group of two or three children younger than Xzavian. Preparing for foster care licensing was much more grueling than we anticipated. …

in which I wish the bills went away, but that my friend's guilt would remain

Forgiving My Debtors

Forgive us our debts, As we forgive our debtors. In the early morning stillness, the words echoed loudly in my soul. Forgive our debtors. Wait, I had to forgive her? Because she owed me. . . big time. There was a commitment there, Lord. You know that. She made certain promises she didn’t keep. She has obligations to our relationship. She can’t just walk away from that. I’m not the only one who feels that way either, God. I read that email out loud to David yesterday, remember? Am I crazy, or is this just plain WRONG? I asked him. And he agreed with me — just plain wrong. So, there you have it. She totally owes me. I’m right, and she is wrong. We forgive our debtors. I could use some debt forgiveness, Lord. You know those bills on the desk over there, it would be great if the creditor would just call up and say, “Never mind. We don’t care about this any more. Just tear it up and go about your business and don’t give it …

What if the perfect party isn't even important? via @lagarfias

Potato Salad Freak Out

It all started with a big, huge Cry Mommy Freak Out over potato salad. My oldest son was graduating, and we were just going to have a simple party in the backyard to celebrate. Nothing big, no ceremony, no pomp and circumstance, just some snacks and friends and cake. Easy, right? Wrong. Nothing with me is easy. True to form, I complicated-up everything, planning an elaborate meal of grilled chicken and sides and fresh fruit and matchy-matchy paper products and punch and seventy of my closest friends. Now, bear in mind, I have Hospitality Anxiety Disorder. It’s more of a paralyzing, mind-controlling, freak-out-inducing phobia with a large side order of panic attack. I don’t host parties, I don’t have people over hardly ever, and each of my children already used up their one “have a friend over for free” card. People are scary, and my house is my sanctuary, and it’s not beautiful or perfect or decorated well or super clean but I love it and try really hard to keep the stress out of it. But …

slow cooker posole #glutenfree #dairyfree #slowcooker

Slow Cooker Posole

Posole — or pozole — is actually an ancient stew the Aztecs used in celebratory meals and rituals before the Spaniards came over. That’s why there is corn (now hominy) in the recipe. The basic recipe has continued to satisfy over centuries, and Mexicans still celebrate it today.