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is your student developmentally ready for writing? #homeschool #homeschoolmadeeasy

Is Your Student Developmentally Ready for Writing?

We frustrate our students when we demand they make leaps in their skills without the proper growth and training. Even though the next chapter says, “Diagram these sentences,” or “Write this essay,” the student may not have reached that stage of development yet.

These two aspects go hand in hand: growth and training. Development in writing (as in any subject, actually) breaks down when one of those is missing.

Why My Teens Don’t Dual Credit

My oldest is graduating from high school in just a couple months, and no, he’s not receiving a bachelor’s degree at the same time. He isn’t transferring credits as a high school freshman, and he’s not accelerating his studies. He’s just graduating as a normal (don’t laugh) homeschool student with a mixture of regular and honors courses and a normal amount of high school credits. According to my facebook feed, that should make me a complete failure as a homeschool mom. Why didn’t he take dual credit and CLEP and community college and Oxford prep? For Pete’s sakes, how do I expect him to get into college? What have we been doing for the last four years, anyway? When my students were younger, I was so enamored with the idea of dual-credit. After all, as a homeschool student myself, I had worked hard to complete four full years of high school material in three. If college work had been available to me, I know I would have jumped at the chance. But my own students …

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The Sneaky Way to Teach Writing

Are you looking for ways to make teaching writing easier? I know I am. I run a “writing club” for my two boys and niece, and traditional writing makes all three of them cry. True story. So, I’ve resorted to finding other ways to teach writing. Since I teach the writing club, I spend a lot of time mulling over this concept. I brainstorm and look for ways to make the writing process less painful. I surprised myself with the tip I will share today. It’s SO sneaky that I didn’t realize I was teaching writing!