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4 important lessons learned from giving my own child an F via

4 Lessons from an F in Science

My name is Lea Ann, and my child has an F in the grade book. [here you say, “Hi, Lea Ann.”] I carried this private shame for too long, thinking no mother has ever given her son an F. Should we not have responsible, studious children? Does not proper homeschooling equal delighted learners? Is it not the homeschool mom’s job to instill this life-long love of learning which yields children who are above average and, at least the men, good looking? Wait, that’s Lake Wobegon. I live in Dallas. I see a problem with my assumptions, already. So after carrying my dirty little secret around for a long time, the tension within me finally gave way and I exploded in failure before my fairly forgiving friends. You will never guess what they confessed: Their children sometimes fail, too. And get this … sit down first, lest you hurt yourself … Homeschool moms frequently fail. I know. World rocked, right? When I finally picked myself up off the floor and dusted my skirt off, I found …

how to ruin your child's worldview via

How to Ruin Your Child’s Worldview in 7 Steps

You, Too, Can Raise an Atheist Passing on a worldview is easy. You can make certain your child abandons yours with these simple steps. Follow them carefully, and you could see your child espouse the antithesis of your beliefs before he reaches adulthood. 1. Never discuss opposing viewpoints. For anything. Whether creation vs. evolution, homeschool vs. classroom education, skirts vs pants, or Walmart vs. Target, never, ever look at the issue from another perspective. Tell your child what to think and never back down. 2. Do not associate with those who disagree with you. If they do not go to your church, dare to eat gluten, teach in a public school, attend movie theaters, and vote Democratic, cut them off completely. Your precious minions could be tarnished by their mere presence. 3. Mock those not on your side. Because they are wrong, and your minions need to know the consequences of being wrong. Criticize mercilessly every chance you get. 4. Quote two or three sources repeatedly until your minions accept them as infallible. And don’t …